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Brazoria County

The Brazoria County Citizen Corps Council is the advisory council for all Citizen Corps Programs in Brazoria County. The Council is composed of community leaders from the governmental, non-profit, and private sectors in Brazoria County.

Brazoria County is located on the Gulf Coast in Southeast Texas near Houston. The population in Brazoria County is approximately 313,000 according to the 2010 census. Our major employer is the petrochemical industry.

In Brazoria County, we have over 8,000 Citizen Corps volunteers in the CERT, Fire Corps, and MRC programs. We continue to grow the programs and their missions.

The Brazoria County Citizen Corps currently supports four Citizen Corps Programs:

  • Community Emergency Response Teams

  • Medical Reserve Corps

  • Fire Corps

  • Volunteers in Police Service


The CERT program mission in Brazoria County is:

  • Immediate Neighborhood Response

  • Support of the County Evacuation Hub in Angleton

  • Assistance with POD operations and the County Staging Area

  • Community Preparedness Outreach


The Medical Reserve Corps mission in Brazoria County is:

  • Emergency Shelter Operations

  • Management of the Angleton Evacuation Hub

  • Support of SNS POD operations

  • Public Health Outreach


The Fire Corps mission in Brazoria County is:

  • Pre-incident Assessments

  • Responder Rehabilitation (Hydration and Cooling)

  • Fire Safety Education


The Volunteers In Police Service mission in Brazoria County is:

  • Non-operational support of local police agencies

  • Citizens on Patrol

  • Handicapped Enforcement

Fort Bend County

The Fort Bend County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) serves Fort Bend County, Texas. Our mission is to help make Fort Bend County a safer place to live. We currently have five Mission Areas:

  • Sheltering

  • Public Health Outreach

  • Medical Support

  • Medical Countermeasures and Dispensing


Each of these missions fills an important role in our county.


MRC Members can select any of our mission areas as a specialty and receive specialized training for that mission.

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